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Solid Gospel is twenty-five singers and five musicians led by Malin Abrahamsson. Our members bring a great deal of experience from a wide variety of musical contexts, each contributing to Solid Gospel‘s unique sound. While church is our home and contemporary gospel is the mainstay of our repertoire, we regularly do work in other settings and genres as well. We are frequently called on to collaborate with other artists in a wide variety of productions.

In addition to church services and concerts and tours under our own name, we participate in corporate events and make recurring appearances as the house choir at large public shows on Swedish network TV shows. We have recorded several albums of our own and provide backing vocals on many more. Listen to us here!

In 1990, Solid Gospel was founded by students at the Gothenburg Academy of Music and Drama to provide fellowship and “a space to praise”. As an independent choir with members from a range of church homes and denominational backgrounds, we have never been affiliated with any particular congregation. Together, we remain committed to our vision: we want to be used by God to reach an audience beyond the church; the purpose of Solid Gospel is to praise God and be a witness to Jesus Christ by singing gospel together.

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